NC Strong x Native Conscious

Carolina Tee Co. loves North Carolina and want to ensure we keep our beloved state great!  We have started the N.C. Strong Foundation which helps strengthen both the people and communities throughout the Carolina's.
The principal behind the foundation lies intertwined with the name NC STRONG.  While we work to keep North Carolina Strong the two letters have a deeper meaning.  
The N represents Native and the C is for Conscious.  
The phrase Native Conscious is in reference to the business model we have in place that focused on people, the planet and profits here in the Great North State.  Our mission is to bring industry back to the Carolina's through the strategic partnerships we will develop. 
Our goal is through our products we will help empower the people and communities by directly giving back to our beloved home state.
All of our N.C. Strong products sold are used to help fund this project and make sure that we protect the natural beauty and create a working ECOnomy in the great North State for future generations.
If you'd like us to get involved in your community please contact us!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Since MMXVI